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10 Unique Things to Do in Destin Florida

wonderful beach resort in Florida with a great view.

When visiting the Florida panhandle, you simply must pay a visit to Destin. Destin offers stunning vistas and plenty of things to do

But once you’ve been to Baytowne Wharf, The HarborWalk Village, Henderson Beach State Park, and visited major amusements like Big Kahuna’s Water & Adventure Park, and Wild Willy’s Adventure Zone, you may think you’ve seen it all. 

We’re here to tell you there is still so much more! 

If you are looking for memorable and unique things to do in Destin, Florida, you’ve come to the right place! 

10 Unique Things to do in Destin Florida

Here’s our list of the most unique things to do in Destin!

1. Take Sand Castle Lessons

The Emerald Coast is home to many incredible beaches. And what better way to spend your beach time than building incredible sand castles?

But, instead of just doing the simple shovel and pail sculptures from your childhood, you can get some lessons from Beach Sand Sculptures and leave behind a masterpiece. 

All you need to do is pick a beach, tell them when to arrive and you’re set! They’ll bring special tools with them and teach you all the tips and tricks of the pros and before you know it, you and your crew will be sand sculpture masters. 

No matter where you’re staying in Destin, Beach Sand Sculptures can accommodate you. Popular packages service multiple beaches and communities including Santa Rosa Beach, Grayton Beach, Blue Mountain Beach, Rosemary Beach, Destin Beach, Miramar Beach, Sandestin, and Fort Walton Beach (Okaloosa Island). They even have services in Panama City Beach in case you are staying there and only making a day trip to Destin. 

2. Visit the World’s Greatest Alligator Park

For many people, when thinking of Florida, alligators are the first thing to come to mind. Gator Beach gives you a chance to get cozy with some of these famous state residents!

And the best part? The park is free to visit. You will have the ability to view the exhibits, ask questions of the staff, and watch the scheduled alligator shows. You can feed the gators and even have your picture taken while holding a baby one!

If you are feeling particularly brave and ambitious, you can upgrade to a VIP experience which will give you even greater access to the gators.

There is a Fudpucker’s restaurant on site so you can have a good meal during your visit. But, you should expect a wait so we advise you to grab a bite before hitting the park so no one ends up super hangry.  

3. Have a Beach Bonfire

A beach bonfire is a perfect way to spend an evening in Destin Fl. Warm, gulf coast breezes, soft sand, good company, s’mores. It really doesn’t get much better. 

There are two ways you can go about a beach bonfire. You can obtain a permit for around $50 from the South Walton Fire District and then purchase the pit and the wood. Or, you can hire someone to do it for you. 

The following companies specialize in just this thing and will set you up for an ideal night!

4. Destin Helicopter Tours

If you really want to see the Emerald Coast, the air is the best place to do it! Taking a Helicopter Flight Tour of Destin is both exhilarating and breathtaking. Each flight can accommodate up to 4 people so it is ideal for small family groups or couples. 

There are four tours to choose from. Each is a different length and covers a different area. The Seaside Tour and the Coastal Tour will take you along the shores, showing you the picturesque landscape below. 

The Dolphin Run takes you 35 miles from Destin past Miramar Beach and along Topsail State Park towards Blue Mountain Beach. 

The Jaws Run is only 20 miles but will take you out over the water shelf giving you the opportunity to peep at the local marine life! 

5. Redbird Art Experience

If you want something to do that is both creative and unique, check out the Redbird Art Experience. This is a working art shop where you can express yourself using recycled materials to make stunning works of art. 

This is the perfect thing to do when it is raining and you can’t otherwise enjoy the beaches, the Destin Harbor Boardwalk, or a nearby theme park. 

6. Go on a Pirate Cruise

The Destin History and Fishing Museum can tell you a great deal about the history of fishing and diving in northwest Florida but it doesn’t paint the whole picture. It leaves out the pirate part!

Florida has a rich history of pirates and you can bring that history to life with a Buccaneer Pirate Cruise

Climb aboard a pirate ship and enjoy hours of entertainment. You can swab the deck and plunder sunken treasure, or sit back and watch the swordfights and water gun shows. You will experience singing, dancing, witty banter, and scores of pirate-themed activities.

There are several tours to choose from including an all ages family-friendly cruise to the After Dark 21+ show that is perfect for adults seeking something fun to do

7. Have Breakfast Under the Sea

While there are glass bottom boat tours available, nothing is quite as unique as having breakfast underwater, surrounded by marine life. 

For this experience, pay a visit to Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park. Once there, you will have a fabulous breakfast while surrounded by tropical fish in the living sea aquarium. While waiting for your meal to arrive, you can meet, touch, and feed an African black-footed penguin.

This experience includes general admission to the entire park so after you eat, you can explore the other exhibits and take in a show or two. 

8. Crab Island Dolphin Jet Ski Adventure

Dolphin tours are a popular thing to do in Destin. But at Destiny Water Adventures, we provide something even better!

Why ride a crowded tour boat, craning and pushing to catch a glimpse when you can pilot your very own Yamaha WaveRunner and get up close and personal with these amazing creatures?

With our Crab Island Dolphin Jet Ski Adventure, you will experience a full 2 hours on the water with an experienced guide, highlighting all the points of interest along the way. This tour also makes a stopover at the popular Crab Island. And no prior experience is necessary, our staff will work with you and support you. 

We have the experience to know where and when you are most likely to see dolphins. It is best to book your adventure for early morning or late afternoon as these are the best times to spot the dolphins

9. Rent a Kayak or Paddleboard

Sometimes, you just want a different perspective on the shoreline. Renting a kayak or paddleboard is the ideal way to make memories at your own pace. 

Head to Destiny Water Adventures in Fort Walton Beach and we’ll make sure you’re well-equipped. And if you are a beginner, simply let us know and we’ll give you the instruction you need to get the most from your experience. 

There are many great private islands just minutes from our dock that you can check out or set out to find your own points of interest! 

10. Island Jet Ski Adventure

An Island Jet Ski Adventure might just be the crown jewel of your visit. Take a guided tour while riding your own jet ski to some of the most incredible sites on the Emerald Coast. Again, our guides will show you the sites, including Destin Harbor, Crab Island, and Santa Rosa Sound. 

And because Destiny Water Adventures is located in Fort Walton Beach, you do not have to deal with the no-wake zones found closer to Destin Harbor. We are in an open wake zone so you are free to ride as fast or slow as you please! Get out there and make your own adventure!

Choose Destiny Water Adventures for Unique Things to Do in Destin Florida

As you can see, there are lots of unique and fun things to get up to in the Destin area. But when you are just visiting the area, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. Destiny Water Adventures has only the latest and greatest equipment and we include safety gear with each rental. We are the most trusted water sports rental company in town! 

Our staff is friendly and knowledgeable and will go out of their way to ensure you have the best experience possible. 

Book online or call us at (850) 750-9477 to book. 


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