It wasn’t very long ago that people looked to the skies and saw a parachute floating through the air and thought “what is that?” Right around the same time, they saw a man zipping around on a jet ski and thought the same thing. Years later they’d look to the skies and say “what’s that strange looking Iron Man doing up there?” First, it was the Jet-Lev jet pack. Then it was Franky Zapatas innovative re-invention in the flyboard. Cut to 2018 and again a new horizon silhouettes yet another evolution in man’s passion to take the skies.

The Flyride…

While this new marvel of the seas/skies has yet to reach the market, it promises some bold new innovative features including Gyroscopic balance assistance, assisted throttle and elevation control, assisted take-off function and barrel rolls at the push of a button. Also, it maintains four levels of engagement from beginner to advanced as well as being able to carry a weight load of 440lbs. This makes the Flyride the most revolutionary, user-friendly, and economically viable rental unit in the hydroflight market, to date

We here at Destiny are very excited to be a part of this momentous occasion and can’t wait to get our salty fingers on one of the first machines to offer to the public. Look for a 2018 release date in March 2018 at Destiny Water Adventures and around the world!