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5 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Destin Family Vacation

5 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Destin Family Vacation

We’ve all been there: chin firmly planted on palm as we stare into the computer screen planning our next spring break, or summer vacation. Will there be enough things to do for the kids? Will I have to take a second mortgage out? Will I have to stand in line for four hours to meet a giant mouse?

Good News…NO!

Top 5 Destin Family Vacation Ideas:

Welcome to Destin, Fl, where white sandy beaches stretch out ad infinitum and meet a shoreline of emerald green waters. There’s enough family-friendly activities to keep the kids smiling, and enough places for you to relax while they play.

#5: Beaches – This one’s a no brainer. Even if you aren’t staying at a beachfront location there are multiple public beaches that aren’t overcrowded. Destin, and nearby Fort Walton Beach or known for their world-renowned sugar sand beaches. You sit back and relax and let the kids play!

#4: Crab Island – If you’ve never been to Destin or Fort Walton Beach you’ve got to check this one off your bucket list. Your Crab Island excursion is only accessible by boat so strap on your captain’s hat and hit the high seas! Well, actually you can just rent a boat near Destin, or grab a Fort Walton Beach pontoon rental and get to Crab Island in Minutes. Pack a cooler with food and drinks and hit one of Florida’s best boating spots known for its turquoise water and shallow sandbar. 

#3: Rent a Pontoon Boat – Since we’re talking about pontoon boat rentals in Fort Walton Beach there’s a lot of companies to choose from. That’s because operating one is super easy, and there are so many places to explore. This makes Destin boat rentals plentiful, so choose a company that will deliver on value and service…not just the lowest price. Make sure you ask about the AGE of the boat, its’ maintenance, and the last time they have broken down and had to rescue someone 😉 Seriously, not all boats are the same…and you want to make sure you put your family on the most comfortable, and the safest/reliable pontoon boat rental possible. 

#2: The Santa Rosa Sound – On the topic of exploring there are chains of islands in the Santa Rosa Sound you can visit and explore…FOR FREE! The islands are comprised of the same white sugar sand beaches. You can rent a Jet Ski from nearby Destiny Water Adventures and be there in minutes. Either spend an hour or two exploring the natural beauty or pack a picnic and spend the day. 

#1: Water Sports – Did someone say… Jet Ski? Whether it be boating at Crab Island, wave runners in Fort Walton Beach, or just a relaxing kayak or paddle board rental out in the islands; North West Florida has some of the most beautiful scenic waterways in all of North America. And you can experience all of it in a variety of ways without breaking the banks or boring the kids.

Ready to create memories that last a lifetime? Reserve your spot with Destiny Water Adventures today!


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