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Airbnb vs Hotel Destin Florida: Which One Is Better For You?

Airbnb vs Hotel Destin Florida: Which One Is Better For You?

When it comes to planning your getaway to Destin, Florida, the most common travel conundrum you’ll be faced with is a hotel vs a vacation rental. Each offers a different experience for small and large groups.

Granted, a hotel can be convenient for a short stay. However, an Airbnb features the comforts and amenities of your home during long trips. To permit an informed decision of the Airbnb vs hotel Destin Florida predicament, here’s an in-depth comparison of the two.

Lines and Towels: Airbnb vs Hotel Destin Florida

An Airbnb and hotel each handle towels and linens differently. You can request new linens and towels as need be or get new ones daily in a hotel. However, at an Airbnb, your linens and towels are there for the entire duration of your visit.

The advantage you’ll get at a vacation rental is an in-unit dryer and washer for your laundry, which is incredible for week-long trips that involve visiting the beach almost daily. However, it also implies that you’ll be washing your towels and sheets. Although on-call towel services are delightful, having a readily accessible dryer and washer for your one-week or a one-month holiday accommodation is also pleasant.

Daily Cleaning: Airbnb vs Hotel Destin Florida

A hotel will clean your room every day with your consent, whereas an Airbnb will leave the task to you. The cons and pros are easily imaginable. With hotels, you get the cleaning done for you. Although you do the cleanup in an Airbnb, in exchange, the space is entirely yours with no interruptions. Therefore, leaving your personal belongings lying around in an Airbnb may put you more at ease.

Staffing: Airbnb vs Hotel Destin Florida

While your Airbnb staff is willing to help you out, they’re not on the ground, as is the case with hotels. Help in hotels is right downstairs in the lobbies. For an Airbnb, the staff is an office somewhere nearby and may respond to your call 24 hours a day, but it may take a longer duration for them to arrive, solely based on distance. It’s for this reason you may want to select an Airbnb, depending on the office location. Remote offices are less capable of helping you than the ones situated closer by.

Rental Deposit: Airbnb vs Hotel Destin Florida

A hotel and Airbnb operate differently when it comes to check-in. Hotels will typically take your credit card number to confirm your reservation and pay you for your room upon arrival. An Airbnb usually takes a deposit at the time of booking and the balance when you arrive.

Here’s where conducting your due diligence on the Airbnb provider comes into play.  It entails checking the reviews on the property and confirming whether or not it’s listed by the BBB.

Common Spaces: Airbnb vs Hotel Destin Florida

The grounds of an Airbnb and hotel significantly vary. Hotels always have restaurants, a swimming pool, gyms, tennis courts, recreational rooms, lobbies, and other common areas. On the other hand, Airbnb usually has a yard that is yours to use and sometimes even a private pool and possibly hot tub.

Rather than a balcony, a Destin vacation rental through a Florida Airbnb will also usually have a patio. If you gravitate more towards luxury settings and accommodations, a hotel is right up your alley. However, if you’re on the quest for a space to call yours, Airbnb is your best bet.

Privacy and Noise: Airbnb vs Hotel Destin Florida

When comparing a hotel and an Airbnb in terms of privacy and noise for your Destin vacation, it’s a no-brainer who the clear winner is. Regardless of the abundant pleasures that hotels usher in, they represent meeting spots for larger crowds of people than you’d encounter at a private residence.

The same applies to beach vacation condos. The option boils down to the quieter space of an Airbnb and a more dynamic hotel atmosphere. A Destin vacation rental through Airbnb may also grant you private beach access for even more privacy.

Age Requirements: Airbnb vs Hotel Destin Florida

Airbnb Or Hotel In Destin Fl_

The variation in age requirements between a hotel and an Airbnb is minimal but highly crucial. Although most hotels allow people aged 21 and above to book, the minimum required age is higher in most Airbnb places, usually 25. People who have visited Florida when Spring Break rolls around understand why this rule is in place.

Dining: Airbnb vs Hotel Destin Florida

Mealtime at a Florida Airbnb varies greatly from hotels. A hotel room that lacks a kitchenette has limited options outside ordering takeout or eating out. At an Airbnb, you have free rein regarding how you eat your meals because it always has a full kitchen or kitchenette, just like home. Leave your crockery at home as these kitchens are equipped with the standard complements of kitchenware. If you’re looking for a kitchen, choose a hotel with a condo-style suite.

Duration of Stay: Airbnb vs Hotel Destin Florida

A hotel will accept accommodations per night, whereas an Airbnb is intended for longer stays. Usually, the latter will limit the stay to at least seven days. You’ll also find some condo associations holding vacation rentals for at least 30 days. The advantage of this is that a longer-term Airbnb proves to be the better value in terms of costs per night.

Why Booking an Airbnb in Destin FL Is the Smarter Option

Vacation Rental In Destin Fl

Now that you know how an Airbnb vs hotel Destin Florida compares, we’ve rounded up a few reasons why a Destin vacation rental is a better choice.

  1. Cost-Effective

Upon booking an Airbnb directly through a property management company, there are no hidden costs or fees that get tacked on during your trip. You’ll be in the loop as to what’s included from the onset, and the price is constant.

There are no parking fees, taxes, movie/internet charges, tipping, hotel fees, and other costs that inflate your bill at check-out. Whether you want to revel in breakfast in bed or a nightcap, swinging by a local store on the way to the Airbnb and picking up a few items to make your stay more delightful is significantly cheaper than room service or the hotel mini-bar.

Are you planning a holiday with multiple people? Then staying in a private room that accommodates more people is a better fit. You can save money by dividing the accommodation cost by the total number of people. Expenses can quickly rack up and become overwhelming at a hotel where you require booking multiple rooms for all your guests.

The main expense when you’re on vacation in Destin, Florida, is the daily meals. At an Airbnb, the dining and kitchen areas grant you free rein to cook meals instead of visiting different restaurants for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Not only does this save you ample time but money as well.

  1. Increased Flexibility

The most ideal vacation doesn’t factor in timed schedules. By staying at an Airbnb instead of a hotel, you can eat meals at your pace, enjoy a night swim during the warm nights, and sleep as you please. In a nutshell, you operate on your time.

Staying at a hotel means you run the risk of missing breakfast if you’re up late, room service interrupting your nap, missing out on limited swimming pool hours, and waiting in line for dinner, to mention a few inconveniences.

Although most hotels offer accommodations per night, an Airbnb in Destin, Florida is more flexible with the duration of your stay, whether it’s a few days, weeks, or a month.

  1. Special Discounts

It’s no secret that discounts and freebies are a major aspect of renting an Airbnb for your holiday.  By renting through property management companies like Destin Getaways, you gain access to discounted or free amenities, making the most of your stay.

Given the high likelihood that you won’t spend all your time on the beach, getting the best deals alongside your rental is a valid reason to avoid hotels. Keep in mind that activities can get pricey when you’re traveling as a large family.

Booking Airbnb ushers in double the space, better discounts, and amenities. In some instances, you can pay equally as much for a hotel as you would an Airbnb. You can book the same property every time you visit Destin, Florida, allowing you to create new memories at the same spot. You know what to expect and what you’re paying for.

  1. Increased Security

Usually, hotel staff comes into your room to restock supplies and clean. Moreover, your safety concerns make you store valuables in a safe or bring them along on your adventures. A hotel cannot compete with the increased security that Airbnb offers visitors.

When you opt to stay at a rental, staff invading your space or privacy becomes the least of your worries. You have the key to the place, which prevents random strangers from entering without your consent. You may find an Airbnb with keyless entry requiring a passcode to gain access that is confidentially shared with guests.

Moreover, a visitor can park onsite in a driveway or attached garage, eliminating the hassle of fighting for premium parking or parking across a crowded lot.

If something breaks or malfunctions, a hotel has employees with the sole responsibility of repairs and maintenance. However, Airbnb property managers have local companies on standby 24/7.

As a trusted professional team, their specialty is maintenance and cleaning, providing services to ensure guests are comfortable and happy.

  1. No Need to Compromise on Privacy

If you’ve ever shared a bathroom with two or more people or not relaxed by the swimming pool because a myriad of people was fighting for space, you understand this inconvenience and compromising on privacy. An Airbnb offers more privacy compared to a hotel room.

Although travelers have the option, they’re not compelled to share dining areas, hot tubs, laundry facilities, and pools. By renting a home, visitors have their lounging area, bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom.

Additionally, they have a dedicated, private space when it’s time to unwind after an adventurous day. An Airbnb rental is perfect for families as parents can put their little ones to bed then watch a movie or chat without the fear of waking them up from their slumber.

While visitors can book several hotel rooms for enhanced privacy, it’s pricey. Why shell out thousands of dollars for increased privacy for a week when booking an Airbnb costs a third of the price. You’ll have more space, and the average price per night is considerably lower, saving you thousands of dollars.

  1. Eat Healthier

Although some hotel rooms have kitchens, they lack a comfortable eating space, forcing visitors to dine out, which may not break healthy eating habits and rake in hundreds of dollars eating out. With an Airbnb, you can enjoy healthier, home-made meals.

Granted, dining out is exciting and advisable in moderation. However, visitors can eat healthier meals on vacation by making them at their Airbnb. Doing so also gives guests an incentive to head down to the local farmers’ market, where they can purchase local foods and boost the economy.

  1. Opens up Possibilities

Hotels need large plots of land. Additionally, most of them are situated where there’s civilization. If you want a rental that’s a bit different, for instance, a treehouse with a cool factor or a bungalow, this is only a possibility if you opt for an Airbnb. The lack of space limitations and the land that a hotel demands mean you can find more exotic options.

  1. Gives You Space

Most hotel rooms can feel cramped as they’re not as spacious as an Airbnb. If you’re sharing a room with two or more people and their luggage, you’ll likely trip over each other. Regardless of whether you choose a cabin or condo, the truth is, you’ll have more space with an Airbnb in Destin, Florida.

The better option for you between an Airbnb vs hotel Destin, Florida, ultimately boils down to your preference, budget, and itinerary. Whatever you opt for, we at Destiny have a vast assortment of adventures lined up including waverunner rentals and crab island boat rentals. Whatever your preference, we’re here to ensure your visit to Destin is a memorable one. Reach out to us today! 


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