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Crab Island Boat Rental  – Destiny Water Adventures

A popular way to experience Florida’s Emerald Coast is a trip to Crab Island. You have options to get there, and the first option is pontoon boat rental and the second is by jet ski tour. Both are great options, so we’ve got you covered! Let’s talk about Crab Island…

If you find you and your family are looking for Crab Island things to do, you’ll be covered with more options than there is sunshine on a clear day here in Destin!

Crab Island pontoon rental (and jet ski tours) are just a two of the many memorable activities you and your group can enjoy while soaking up the sun and enjoying a cold beverage out on the water – and nobody delivers a top-notch experience with an unbeatable value quite like we do.

Ready to cut to the chase and save your spot? Your two options are below:

Boat Rental – $149*

Jet Ski Rental Tours – $99*

*Starting from, and time-dependent.

There are 2 different guided jet ski tours. The first is a 1 hr guided trip to Crab Island. The second is 1.5 hrs, heads to Crab Island but also includes Destin Harbor, and the Destin east pass, known as  “the Dolphin playground.”


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Trust us with your trip to Crab Island!

Crab Island Boat Rental 

There’s few better ways to experience a memorable excursion than with Crab Island pontoon boat rentals from Destiny Water Adventures – we’re mere MINUTES from Crab Island!  

There are few places in the world that provide the level of year-round sunshine and beautiful sights that Crab Island and the surrounding areas do. Our Crab Island boat rental gives you and your family the absolute perfect mix of a relaxing day coupled with picturesque scenery – put it all together and you’ve got the ideal equation for a memorable experience. 

Our Crab Island pontoon rentals all take place on the latest custom Models – top-of-the-line equipment for a top-of-the-line experience. No breakdowns or S-O-S calls!

Each pontoon boat comes equipped with so much added value, you may need a second boat to contain it all. Aside from being one of the highest rated Destin boat rentals for customer service, your Crab Island excursion features:


  • 10 and 12 Passenger Pontoon Boats – Nobody will be left behind with these super-sized pontoons!
  • Bluetooth StereoDon’t cruise the coast with conversation as your only soundtrack – each pontoon is equipped with a Bluetooth stereo free of charge so you can set the mood to your liking. 
  • CoolerWhat good is a Crab Island excursion without frosty beverages to enjoy? Don’t worry about lugging your own personal ice bags aboard – each pontoon comes equipped with a cooler to keep all of your beverages ice cold. 
  • All Safety Gear Included – You worry about taking in the sights and sunshine, we’ll worry about making sure you’re safe doing it. Every pontoon boat comes with all the safety equipment you’ll need, including life jackets.

Crab Island Jet Ski Rental Tours

You can’t think about Crab Island things to do without renting jet skis. After all, who isn’t excited by touring around the coast and a high-end waverunner while taking in the sights and sounds? 

Our Crab Island jet ski rental tours will get you there (and really, anywhere in between!) in a flash. But what good is that if you’re not cruising in style and comfort? You can fit up to 2 people on these bad boys. 

Take it from us, there is NOTHING better than zooming around the Emerald Coast on one of our two-seater Yamaha EX waverunners. We offer 2 different jet ski tours depending on what you’re after. 

Crab Island Guided Jet Ski Tour: The first tour is a 1 hr guided trip to Crab Island. If this destination is your main prize, our experienced tour guide will take you there.

Crab Island + Dolphin Jet Ski Tour: The second tour is 1.5 hrs, heads to Crab Island but also includes Destin Harbor, and the Destin east pass, known as  “the Dolphin playground.” It’s the perfect blend of excitement and relaxation and bundled into an experience that will last a lifetime. 

What sets our Crab Island jet ski rental tours apart from the rest? We thought you’d never ask…

High-End Equipment – Newer, faster, stronger – no, we’re not signing the lyrics to a Kanye West song, we’re talking about our sleek Yamaha VX waverunner. It fits up to two people, so it’s the perfect option for cruising alone or taking the family along for the ride. 

Don’t Worry About the Wake – We’ve don’t have a no-wake zone like so many other places, so feel free to test the limits of your waverunner while you’re sailing across the waves. 

Perfect for Beginners or Veterans – It doesn’t matter if you’ve captained a jet ski countless times or you’ve never even stepped foot in the water – our expert staff can help even the most novice of riders have the time of their lives. Guides are available for added support! 

Witness the Wildlife – If you’re an aquatic animal lover, the jet ski experience is for you. You’ll be able to view wildlife living in their natural habitats – our location is minutes away from local wildlife preserves – and experience them like never before. Jet skis allow for closer access – get that photo your friends will be jealous of!

Whatever sort of Crab Island excursion you and yours may be looking to embark on, Destiny Water Sports has the perfect options. Call us today to create memories that will last a lifetime!

    How Do We Get to Crab Island?
    Crab Island is located on the north side of the Destin Bridge. It isn’t far from where you’ll depart on your boat or Jet ski from our slip in Ft. Walton Beach. If you are taking a boat to get there, we will point you in the right direction. On our guided jet ski tour, we will take you there as you follow our experienced guide.
    Do You Offer Destin Boat Rentals or Crab Island Excursions?
    Glad you asked! Many people are interested in our Destin boat rentals to cruise around the entire Destin area, but others only want to go to Crab Island. It’s up to you! There is no extra charge based on your desired destination, so you’re the captain! (Well, if you call from Cuba that might be a problem 😉 So, your Destin pontoon boat rental can take you wherever you want to go. Head to Crab Island, or enjoy a leisurely day around the greater Destin area. Choose your adventure!
    How Many People Can Ride a Jet Ski?

    You can comfortably seat two people on a jet ski to Crab Island. You’ll be riding a top-of-the-line Yamaha EX, and this is a comfy (and fast, if you prefer) three seater jet ski. It’s perfect for both beginners and experts. 

    Are Your Pontoon Boats in Good Condition?
    You bet! Don’t spend your day stranded like the crew on Gilligan’s Island after your 1983 pontoon (from the other guys) breaks down. Only new boats here! Not just new, top of the line comfort and class. In the words of Ice-T, you’ll be stylin’ buckwhylin’.
    Crab Island Cancellation & Weather Policy
    Destiny Water Adventures does not operate in unsafe weather conditions, but a light rain shower is not a deterrent. The Captain will assess the weather and should it be determined the conditions are unsafe to run the tour, the tour may be postponed or it will be canceled. If a trip is canceled by Destiny Water Adventures for any reason, every effort will be made to reschedule the trip during your stay. If you are unable to reschedule, you will have the option of receiving a voucher for a future trip or receiving a full refund. Every effort will be made to run tours as advertised. Should Destiny have to amend or alter your tour due to extraneous circumstances, tickets remain non-refundable on tours taken.
    We understand that life happens so we have a no hassle 48 hour cancellation policy. However, cancellations made within 48 hours of your reservation, and no shows, are charged in full.
    We make every effort to stay in front of the weather. If we cancel your reservation due to weather, every effort will be made to get you rescheduled. If rescheduling is not an option then a full refund will be made.

    Read Terms and Conditions + Common Sense HERE.

    Crab Island & Destin Boat Rental Reviews

    “Great service and very fun activities. Jet Ski package is definitely worth it along with kayaking and paddle boarding. If you decide to tube make sure to request jake to tug you for a better time. Kevin (owner) and his whole crew are full of energy and ready to help you with whatever you may need.”

    5-star review

    Juan C.

    “I love these guys. Captain Kevin and Captain Jake have taken care of my entire family when they come to Florida. Granted my kids are grown but this is what they ask for when they come. The guys do all the work for you and Captain Jake even makes a great lunch! You can’t beat this for quality and price.”

    5-star review

    Andrea W.

    “I was amazed with the courtesy and professional service of Chris Picket. His overall customer service and helpfulness with my families vacation was awesome! Hope to come back next year and hope to see Chris’s friendly face and customer service again. We can’t say enough about him.”

    5-star review

    Belinda B.

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