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Crab Island

Looking for things to do in Destin, or family fun in Destin? Then your search will undoubtedly bring you to Crab Island. Crab Island is actually a sand bar with a depth of 2- 5 feet of water depending on where you anchor. Crab Island is the destination for folks looking to enjoy a day on the water. The only way to get to Crab Island is via boat. Don’t have a boat? No problem. You can rent a boat starting at $200 for a half day (four hours.) Crab Island is centrally located minutes from the Destin Harbor, by the Destin Bridge and can be reached from anywhere in the Okaloosa, Destin, and SanDestin areas.

Is Crab Island family friendly? It is. However, there are certain attractions that attract different crowds. There are a few different floating structures at Crab Island. There are inflatable parks, floating barges selling food and drinks, and floating barges that sell alcohol and have music. Generally, the parks attract more families. The barges that have alcohol attract an older crowd. Keep this in mind when anchoring your boat for the day: The more kids you see, the more family friendly that environment is.

Can you bring your own alcohol? Yes, absolutely! Just keep in mind that operating a boat is like any other vehicle and the same laws apply when it comes to drinking and driving in the state of Florida. If you plan on drinking make sure you have a designated driver, or find a captain for hire! Most companies that rent boats have licensed captains for hire starting at  $150 for a half day.

Crab Island and the surrounding Gulf Islands National Seashore is a beautifully unique experience and there are many sandbars, beaches, and other natural sights to see while in the Okaloosa/Destin area.


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