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A Man Was Riding His Jet Ski, With A Dolphin Swimming In The Water.
A Man Was Riding On His Jet Ski With A A Dolphin.


Is there anything more memorable that getting up close and personal with a dolphin? We think not.How about being able to do it in their natural habitat instead of through a piece of glass?

What about a dolphin cruise in Fort Walton Beach that lets you get as close as you possibly can to these amazing creatures?

You’re in luck, because Destiny Water Adventures is the premier destination for dolphin tours and cruises in the Destin, FL area. Let our expert staff and unmatched service deliver you and your family an experience you won’t ever forget!


Dolphin cruises in the Fort Walton Beach / Destin area are some of the most exciting experiences we offer here at Destiny Water Adventures. Gone are the days of standing behind a barrier hoping to catch a glimpse of one of these awesome creatures – instead, experience them up-close at your leisure!

Dolphin tours in Destin are the perfect choice when it comes to choosing an excursion, and with our expert staff and knowledgeable guides always on hand to help, it doesn’t matter if you’ve never even stepped foot in the water!

We are the ONLY destination that offers this level of value with our dolphin cruises in Fort Walton Beach and Destin, FL.


When you and your family are looking for the perfect dolphin cruise experience, you want to ensure the ultimate experience without paying a boatload (pun intended!) to get there.

That’s where we come in.

What sets us apart from other Destin locations, more than anything else, is the value that comes along with all of our dolphin cruise and tour. You’ll cruise along the water in our two-seater Yamaha waverunner, not only enjoying the scenery but getting as close as possible to dolphins in their natural habitat!

We’re not talking about a quick zip out to the water with a worker guy on the beach waving you back right after you left – each tour is 2 hours long and comes with your own, personal, knowledgeable, local guide to help you find the absolute best spots for engaging with the dolphins.

It’s a truly unbeatable experience that you and your family and friends will remember for the rest of time – piecing something like this together on your own would cost a fortune, and at this stage of the game be booked already, but we offer it all at an affordable price that’s charged per waverunner – NOT per person! Ohhh yea, baby.

What’s Included

What To Bring

Whether you’re boating with us for the first time or you’ve experienced our second-to-none boat service before, there are a few things you’ll want to be sure you bring each and every time:

Seem like a short list? That’s because it is – we’ll handle the rest while you’re riding with dolphins and creating memories that will last a lifetime!
Don’t wait another minute to plan an experience your friends and family will never forget! Call us today to speak with one of our expert staff about how YOU can be cruising with the dolphins!
Two People Riding A Jet Ski Together On The Water.

Drivers born after Jan 1st, 1988 must obtain a Boater Safety Card. You may obtain one online. Go here for details and links. If you plan to take the test onsite, you must arrive 45 min to 1 hour prior to departure.


We require jet ski operators to at least be 18 years of age while a parent or guardian must be present to sign for said jet ski. State law also requires signer of said ski be at least 18 years old to rent.

If the waters are calm we an accommodate as young as 8 years old.

Drivers born after Jan 1st, 1988 must obtain a boaters safety card. You may obtain one by taking an exam online. Go here for details. The test is relatively easy and you can take it until you pass! If you plan to take onsite, you must arrive 45 min to 1 hour prior to departure.

While Florida’s Gulf Coast is teaming with wildlife, we can not guarantee a dolphin sighting. We make every effort and know multiple area where dolphins frequent, however dolphins are still wild animals and go where they wish.

We understand that life happens so we have a no hassle 48 hour cancellation policy. However, cancellations made within 48 hours of your reservation, and no shows, are charged in full.

For up to the last minute cancelations we do offer Trip Protection.

We make every effort to stay in front of the weather. If we cancel your reservation due to weather, every effort will be made to get you rescheduled. If rescheduling is not an option then a full refund will be made.

Operators(drivers) of the pontoon and/or jet ski must speak fluent English. This is a safety precaution due to the boaters safety course and the signs out on the water.


Dolphin Cruises in Fort Walton Beach & Destin