JetBoard, Flyboard, HydroFlight, Aqua Aviation, Liquid Levitation it has a lot of names. Whatever you want to call it; it’s badass.That…there is no disputing.

I came upon this sport/recreation back in 2014 just as it was really getting going. I was interested in getting into it as a rental application. Upon further inspection, it didn’t seem like it was quite up to snuff as far as their business model was concerned. So I decided against it. Still, I hadn’t actually rode a board, yet. A couple of year later I had connected with a distributor in my area and went and tested out a board for fun. That’s all it took. Bait taken. Fish caught. I was in. Cut to 2018…

While I have a vested interest in the sport/activity – I am a total junkie. When I’m not working on the boat or dealing with something directly pertaining to Destiny you’ll find me the Santa Rosa sound flying around on our board. I’m forty years old and I feel like I’m twenty. Throwing new tricks, and attempting stuff I wouldn’t try on a skateboard when I was thirteen. Is it a midlife crisis? Maybe. But It’s way better than a sports car and not nearly as costly.

I’ve always had a spot in my heart for board sports. However, I’ve always been really bad at them. My world record Ollie came in at a staggering 3″. I “caught an edge” five minutes into snowboarding and retired right there on the side of the bunny hill. The Flyboard has been a much different experience. Right out of the gate I felt immediate gravitation and comfort with it. Feeling those streams of water jettison me into the air, creating a oneness with the water and the sky is unlike any sensation I’ve ever felt. Learning how to let go of everything and just… fly. It’s truly the best catharsis for everything. I believe the industry should consider rebranding itself as therapy instead of a sport. There have been multiple times where I was stressed out about something and I just said…I need to fly

I know, I know…A flyboard instructor is telling us how great flyboarding is! Honestly, I could be a Norman Rockwell train hobo but instead of a stick and bindle I’d have my board on my shoulder and instead of riding a boxcar I’d be on a jet ski. Seriously, if you’re reading this come flying with me. If you don’t agree I won’t take your money.