First-time boater? Don’t worry, we all were.

Just like driving a car you don’t hit the freeway and put the pedal to the metal. You learn in a parking lot or on side street. Boating is no different. In the beginning, the best practice is taking it easy…remember boats don’t have breaks.

Also, like driving a car you want to do a pre-ride check list. Does the horn work? Is there an anchor? Are there life jackets aboard? Do you have a way to contact help should you have any problems? Do you have a map of the area? Most importantly have you told anyone you are going out on the water and where you are going. The last one is pretty important because should you break down and are without service it’s important people know where you are or were headed.

Lastly, like driving a car you want to operate defensively and with caution to any other boaters or recreational vehicles sharing the waterways with you. When in doubt slow down and steer clear of any other vessels.

We love all levels of boaters at Destiny Water Adventures and we love sharing our passion for the water with our customers. We will always make sure you are comfortable before going out on the water and we will go over every inch of our boats with you before you leave so you know that you are in good hands.