Ahhh recreational boating. Everyone loves it, right!  With a few tips from the experienced boaters at Destiny Water Adventures we will make your boat rental experience safe and equally fun.

 1.Look at what’s going on around you- We call it situational awareness. You wouldn’t cut across four lanes on the freeway cutting off every car without even checking your mirrors? Same applies on the waterways. Pay attention to the other boats on the water and make sure you’re giving them enough room. Always assume the other person doesn’t see you.

2. Pay Attention to where you’re going- Repeat after me: If its blue it’s safe to go through. If it’s brown you’ll run aground. If you see a trail of brown mud in your prop wash, or boat wake ( the little bubbly waves behind you) your propeller is hitting the ground and bringing up the mud. This means you are in shallow water and could face beaching your boat which is a costly and dangerous mistake.

3. Never Approach anything harder than you want to hit it- SLOW DOWN! When docking a boat it’s important that you don’t crash into anything. That may sound pretty obvious but you’d surprised how many boaters make this mistake when attempting to dock a boat. Slow down as you approach your target and put the boat into neutral few feet before touching the dock. and always have a person or friend close to where you are nosing the boat as to “fend” or push up from keeping the boat of hitting too hard.

4. Be Courteous- Never Cut anyone off by cutting across their bow (front of the boat). If a boat is sitting still in the water make sure not to wake them or fly by too close. You never know who may be in trouble. Always drive defensively, cautiously, and never reckless.

Pontoon Boat rentals are a very popular activity here on the Emerald Coast and can be a ton of fun. If you ever have any questions, even if you’re not our customer, please feel free to email us at, call or text us @ 850-503-7607. We have a passion for boating and the ocean and hope that you do too!