We at Destiny water Adventures love showing folks a good time. We also like paying our rent. Sometimes these two things work in tandem – sometimes they don’t. Sometimes making money can get in the way of providing the best possible service. Sometimes it can get in the way of operating in a safe manner.

I’m proud to say I’ve parasailed over 100,000 people accident-free over a ten year period. Not a single bump, bruise or scrape. I accomplished this by always operating in a responsible way. Even when it conflicted with my paycheck. Always. Because there isn’t a paycheck big enough that is worth your health and well being.

I’d like to share some common, (and not so common) sense items that you should look out for before going on the water.

1. Weather- Always look up. Before you check your phone. Before you look at a forecast. Use your eyes. Does it look safe? If there are heavy winds, big dark skies, cracking thunder, and lightning its probably a safe bet to get out of Dodge. Any operator that is willing to send you out in inclement weather is not worthy of your money, nor their business license. Steer clear. Wait it out, and go somewhere else after the storm passes.

2. Gear- Look at safety gear. Do they have any? If there are safety jackets or throw rings are they worn or beat up? Again, if what they are giving you looks bad; What is happening under the hood or behind the scenes that could be worse. Move on.

3. Experience- Make sure whoever you go with knows what they’re doing. If they look unsure-they ARE unsure. I call it the three C’s. Confidence, Capability, and Correct decision making. It could mean the difference between a fun day on the water and a bad situation.

4. Head on a swivel- Especially when on a boat rental or PWC- always be aware of what’s going on around you. Look before you turn. Check behind you. Make sure you’re in navigable waters. Operate defensively. Always. It’s easy to get caught up having a good time and make a maneuver that could get you in trouble. AND NEVER EVER DRINK AND OPERATE A PWC OR BOAT.

5. Make a plan- Whether it be on your own or with a guide make sure you plan accordingly. Let people know where you’re going and when you’ll be back. Give them the name of the company you’re going with and what you’ll be doing.

Water Sports, boats, Jet Skis, and being on the water, in general, can be some of the most fun ways to spend your vacation, and one of the best things to do here in Okaloosa/Fort Walton Beach. Yet, fun should always take a back seat to safety. The experienced veteran captains and crew at Destiny Water Adventures will always do our absolute best to make sure we accomplish both in stunning fashion. While we’re talking about water, want to read something crazy?? Check out this post about pollution facts related to taking care of the oceans we love.