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Taking The Leap…

I was making a lot of money. I lived on a beautiful island. I worked with my best friends. My job was super fun, and I loved it… Caveat? I was comfortable. Not in the good way. In the way where you’re playing it safe. No danger. No real downside, but no real way to move upward. Only linear. Which I’ve never been a fan of. I don’t want say I’ve always been a “grass is always greener” guy, however the “other side” has to be explored.

I did what any completely unreasonable person would do. I took our life savings. I borrowed some more. I moved to an area where we knew no one and started a business. Caveat? I started it with my wife, and two best friends.

It’s not been easy. There’s days where I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing and I don’t want to even look at my phone, emails, mailbox, texts, Facebook, Instagram, website message box, Instagram… you get the point. Yet, there’s times where I get to  talk to a customer who told me we made their vacation. I get to read a review that says “We enjoy what you provide.” I get the opportunity to share in peoples vacations, holidays, and family memories.

And I get a pretty sweet tan…

It’s a constant trade off but I’m lucky because I love what I do. I get to share it with my family, and friends. I get to learn, everyday. I get to grow, everyday. I get to find the best, most resilient version of myself, every day.

We’re a year in and we’re still kicking. I know there’s a road ahead paved with new struggles and obstacles to overcome. There’s also new adventures, new opportunities, new successes, and new challenges.

I’m not a “grass is greener” type of guy. I’m more of a “vines grow vertically”


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