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What Is Your Weather Policy

What Is your Weather Policy?

We get asked this a lot, and people try like Nostradamus, to plan their vacation based on forecasts. I understand. I get it. I do the same thing! But in North Florida the Gulf Stream is nearly impossible to forecast.

Unless there’s major storm moving in the day before and our radar systems show  that there’s no chance of it dissipating we never count the day out until that day. And even then they’re wrong

The reason being is that weather is so unpredictable due the gulf stream that small rain storms pop up, and come and go all summer long and a 60% chance of rain means that at some point in the day there is a 60% chance that there may be a small storm in our area which is hundreds of square miles. There may be a rain storm twenty miles away from Crab Island but because it’d “in our area” it shows a high probability of rain.

I can not stress this enough. Never cancel your plans or your pontoon rental in Destin or Fort Walton Beach because of what you saw on the weather channel. I’ve had more folks cancel their reservation due the forecast only to end up calling back because it turned out to be beautiful. But alas their boat rental had been booked by someone else and they sit from afar tears in their eyes because they trusted the weather channel and not good ole captain Kevin.

We will never send you out in a dangerous situation. And our vessels are restricted to the Bay which is mostly 3-5 feet. A lot of first time boaters see themselves as Tom Hanks in Cast Away sailing the seven seas with Wilson on a raft. The reality of it is you’re closer to being on a lake surrounded by land than you are in the ocean.

Weather comes and goes but you only have a few days or weeks to spend with your family on vacation and cancelling your plans based off “forecasts” can only lead to a spoiled day. And even if it does rain it generally goes away within minutes and the beautiful Florida sun is back out burning you to a crisp because you failed to bring sun block! And I promise you that sunburn is going to be a lot worse than a little rain while out on our beautiful boat rentals in our beautiful Destin Beach waters.

We understand that you want to have the best possible experience and we firmly believe in treating others as we would like to be treated so we always offer pretty flexible weather policy and you always have up to 48 hours to cancel your reservation for whatever reason you like. And if we feel that you’re not going to have the best time possible we may even call you up and cancel. We want everyone to have a great tim but more importantly we want you to feel safe and have a cherished family memory.

Whether you’re a sea fearing salty skipper sailing out on one of your many maritime adventures or you’re a newbie slowly cruising along on your first time to Crab Island, or out to the secluded Islands know that Destiny Water Adventures has years of boating experience and will always have your back. Rain Or Shine!!


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